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Cleaning restoration

Restore the beauty of your monument

with our cleaning and restoration services

Keep the refined look of your memorial longer

Rain, snow, wind... Monuments are crafted to last forever, but over time, all of these elements can impact the beauty of your memorial. We have been creating memorials since 1948, and we'll use that knowledge to clean and restore your loved one's monument to its former glory.


Call us today at 440-365-5782 in Elyria or 440-244-1333 in Lorain for a quote on the cleaning and restoration of your loved one's granite or bronze memorial.

Level your loved one's memorial

There was a time when many burial markers were set without any kind of foundation to keep them level. Today, most cemeteries require monuments to have a foundation. If your loved one's memorial is sinking or uneven, we can help correct the issue.

Add inscriptions

Do you need the inscription on a monument updated? If you purchased a monument before it was needed, we can inscribe dates, names, or titles.

Let us help you with pre-arrangements

Picking a memorial while you're grieving your loved one can be overwhelming. We can help alleviate some of that stress with our advance planning advisor service. Our team will help you design a memorial or monument in advanced, so you don't have to deal with the weight of those decisions in your time of grief.

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